About Deaf Santa Claus

About Deaf Santa Claus

The Official Santa of the Santa Paula Christmas Parade

Deaf Santa Claus is a Real Bearded Santa Claus and 2022 graduate of the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC). As a member of Lonestar Santas, Deaf Santa Claus carries current background checks and insurance coverage to work public and private events.

When not working out of his North Pole Workshop, Deaf Santa Claus spends his time in the Austin-New Braunfels area where he and Mrs. Claus are available for travel and virtual bookings.

Too many children are not seen for who they are and aspire to be, and this is the connection I strive to make with every individual I meet. What each of us can do - Santa Claus or not - is make that person feel seen and valued.
Deaf Santa Claus
Head Elf

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Deaf Santa Claus is from the North Pole where the majority of their Christmas operation is based. When not in the North Pole, Deaf Santa Claus can be found in the Austin-New Braunfels, Texas area.

Deaf Santa Claus is culturally Deaf, and uses American Sign Language to communicate with children and people. A Signing Santa knows sign language but they may not have an understanding of the Deaf experience. American Sign Language belongs to the Deaf Community, so it is important to associate Signing Santa Claus with Deaf individuals. 

Yes, Mrs. Claus is Deaf just like Deaf Santa Claus and loves to travel with Deaf Santa Claus to events and bookings. If you’re interested in having Deaf Mrs. Claus attend your event together or separately from Deaf Santa Claus, just let us know. 

Yes, Deaf Santa Claus is able to travel to any chimney for parties, events, tree lightings, parades, light shows, sporting events and more. There are Deaf Children in every town, city and state, and Deaf Santa Claus hopes to be able to meet them all.

Definitely not! Christmas traditions are for everyone, even if they’re a little different for each person or region. Everyone experiences the same Christmas magic with Deaf Santa Claus whether they are Deaf or hearing. Given that 2% of the world population has some form of hearing loss, and American Sign Language is the third most studied language in the United States there is tremendous value in meeting and getting to know Deaf Santa Claus. People with Disabilities come from all walks of life and contribute to a more inclusive world. Deaf people can work any job on Earth, including best of all, the position of Santa Claus.

It’s easy to invite Deaf Santa Claus to your event. We’re currently accepting bookings for the upcoming Christmas Season. Simply send an email to contact@deafsantaclaus.com to inquire about booking Deaf Santa Claus. 

Sometimes, but not always. It really depends on the type of event and the people who will be present. Deaf Santa Claus has a team of interpreter Elves that work closely together. Not only are Santa’s Elves certified interpreters, but they have graduated from Santa School and are fully qualified to be a part of the Deaf Santa Claus special events team. To understand what type of special accommodations may or may not be needed, reach out to contact@deafsantaclaus.com.



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